Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grilled Lemon Chicken with Satay Dip, Barefoot Contessa

I've chatted with a lot of you lately over email, Facebook, and in person, and you've been asking for more recipes. I need to just get over the fact that I have no idea how to take "Foodie shots", and just post recipes, even though I SO prefer seeing {good} pictures of recipes before doing them. You'll just have to trust me that whatever I post is worth making. I promise.

Della, a friend of my mom's, gave me Ina Garten's "the barefoot contessa cookbook" for a wedding gift and it is still one of my go-to cookbooks. I actually don't have too many cookbooks anymore, but this one has lasted. One of my favorite recipes in that book is her "grilled lemon chicken with satay dip".

Last night we skipped the skewer portion of this recipe and left the breasts as-is to make it easier for our kids to enjoy. It's such a great recipe and super easy! 

The marinade takes no time to make, and for us is especially delicious thanks to our neighbor's Meyer lemons. {Yum!} The satay dip really could be halved but I keep the proportions as is and just made extra chicken for future lunches. {I had it over spinach for lunch today... Delicious!} The dip is also great for veggies as well.

Do you have a favorite Barefoot Contessa recipe? Would love to hear which one!