Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warm Chicken Salad with Goodies - Quick & Easy

My husband and I have gotten into a rut lately. We do this from time to time with our food. We get in the habit of having a protein {chicken, pork, turkey, beef, fish - all lean/extra-lean}, a vegetable {usually roasted or a salad} and a complex carb {usually a grain of some sort}. We know how to do it. It tastes good. And we know it nourishes our body.

While there's nothing wrong with the foods we eat, I get bored with it. And lately, I've been REALLY bored. So I turned to my new oracle... Pinterest. {Follow me: "Molly Trapp"}

Last week I found a simple chicken salad recipe from an awesome blog called "farm + house + table" that made it to my Top 3 Favorite Salads list. Here's a link to the recipe: Warm Chicken Salad with Peppers, Pears, and Toasted Pinenuts.

Super simple dressing with {optional: store-bought} roasted chicken:

Fresh fruit and vegetables. Crisp, tasty arugula. And we paired it with leftover roasted yams, sweet potatoes, and onions. I wanted to lick the bowl. 

Took no time to make, and absolutely great. Try it.



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