Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Solution for Your Munchies

She may have worked for the company, or maybe she was an angel, but this morning, when I was shopping at a local health food store, a woman stopped by my daughter and me to let us know that the product we were looking at was really good. That's all it took. With that, and the insistence of my daughter to play with the crinkly bag, we took home a bag of Spectrum's "Decadent Blend": Chia & Flax Seed with Coconut and Cocoa.

I love all of those ingredients - well, I'm warming to coconut - but I haven't had them all together before and usually anything with flax seed in it has them whole WHICH, btw, defeats the whole purpose as the seeds have to be cracked open for you to get any of the benefits of the seeds. {Remember that the next time you reach for any product because it has flax seeds in it - make sure it's ground/milled, otherwise you'll just poop the seeds out! Sorry for being graphic.}

True confessions: I get the munchies after lunch. Am I alone on that? I doubt it. Well, today I have found your truly guilt-free pleasure to calm your munchies. A cup of nonfat Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of this "Decadent Blend", and you're set!

Honestly, I thought it would have the texture of sawdust, but it didn't.

The little chia seeds add a nice crunch, but you don't in any way feel like you're eating ground flax. As much as I love the nutritional benefits of flax, I've been reaching for chia seeds more often as you can get the nutritional benefits from them without them being ground, they are more shelf stable, and you don't have to eat as much.

The texture might even get more creamy as you let it sit, but I couldn't wait!

So what you get out of two tablespoons of this stuff: 1600mg omega-3s {"100% DV"}, 3g fiber, 6g carbs {2g sugar - they add a smidge of organic evaporated cane juice}, 5g fat {lots of good fat!}, all in 70 calories.

Disclaimer: I don't work for the company, but I would gladly be their spokesperson after tasting this product! {I also buy their plain chia seeds.}

Let me know what you think!


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