Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Showered with "Nutella"

Something you probably don't know is that I spent my sophomore year of college in Florence, Italy. One of the indulgences I learned about while over there {and mind you, this was before I was a Nutritional Science major}, is Nutella. "Perfetto". {Perfect!}

I am all about enjoying any food your heart desires, but moderation is a key element to making that philosophy work. With this blog, keep moderation in mind. I just couldn't help but mention the following ridiculously incredible recipe as I was able to enjoy it at a baby shower this weekend. {Thanks for bringing this along, Amy!} Did I mention moderation?!

First, some pictures from Amanda's shower for baby Magnolia. Holly, the hostess, has impeccable taste and organized a fantastic celebration, with Jen, Natalie and Amy contributing a number of mouth-watering goodies...
Just a Little Som'im Som'im
Peanut Butter "Nutella" Spread on Glass Server
Beautiful Mama
Content Baby Magnolia {Maggie}
Handmade Pink Powder Puffs
Amy divulged that the incredible, dark brown spread on the crisp, lightly salted crackers was a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Definitely an amazing experience. Looks simple to make too - Keep it in mind the next time you're assigned dessert. I *did* mention moderation, didn't I?!

On to the Cookie+Curly aspect of the shower... My gifts to sweet Maggie included a ribbon-lined {new!}, monogrammed {new!}, stroller-sized blanket made of, you guessed it, magnolia fabric. 
Stroller-Sized, Ribbon-Lined Blanket
Another sweet detail is that Amanda's son, Stewart, nicknamed the baby "Blueberry Baby" while she was still pregnant as they didn't know the gender. I love how this fabric also looks to have little blueberries on it! 
"M" for Magnolia
They also provided bedding fabric for two custom birds hanging on what looks like drift wood - their request - but it is actually manzanita.

I was in charge of the favors so at the end of the shower, each person had the opportunity to choose a ring. 

These rings were "commitment rings" in that, if someone took a ring, they were committed to praying for the characteristic of Maggie's hand-written on the card. 

To make the cards:
.Print chosen wording on card stock.
.Cut into small desired size. {I cut before printing so had to hand-write the cards - Oops} .Cut out little blueberries out of polka dot, blue card stock
.Glue-stick bottom of blueberry so that top can be folded back.
.Punch hole and attach to Cookie+Curly ring bag {or whatever gift you choose}

Right now I'm providing 20% off all ring orders of 10 or more and $1 (US) shipping, for those of you who may want to do the same thing with C+C rings. 

You won't hear from me again until next Monday but I'll have lots of fun details to share at that point!
Happy Living~

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  1. what a wonderful job you did! i would have loved it. yummy!!! have a wonderful first day of february!! xoxo