Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Clip Debut + Brownie Update

I love having a girl! Sweet smiles, warm embraces, pink clothes, and long hair. All such wonderful things. My daughter's hair has been long enough for clips for a while but she's just now getting to an age where she'll tolerate them in her hair longer than 5 seconds. When I saw these little roses, I couldn't resist making them into clips for her.

And now, they're available on Cookie+Curly! Super cheap and a great gift for anyone with a little girl. They're available by pair, or you can get the whole rainbow to make sure she has one for every outfit. Little petite flowers also available.

{Brownie Update}

In case any of you are wondering how the "Deceptively Delicious" {?} brownies were welcomed by my crew, I can now report back that my son took one bite and said, not knowing their name, "Deeeelicious". My daughter asked for seconds, and thirds. I took them to a Valentine's day party and all but one child there liked them. (Stewie, we'll get you to like them yet!)

My husband thinks I can make them better, and I accepted the challenge. Stay tuned for an updated, and possibly better, version of these brownies.  

As a P.S. on this topic, I have found the extra pureed veggies from this recipe as an easy means to augmenting my kids' nutrition without them knowing. Pureed carrots blend nicely into hot cereal. Pureed spinach can be added to multigrain pancakes.

{What's for Dinner?}
Some of you have asked for "a week in the life of the Trapp's dinners" as a means for learning healthy and easy ways to update your own mealtime routine. So, it's in the works. Next week I'll get back to you with what we ate for dinner this week. Tonight was date night so we're off a bit, but that's life.

{lollipops cards}

My friend, Krystina, has a great job. She inspires people almost daily with her blog of creative ways to live life to the fullest. "what i love wednesdays" is just an example.

Check out her super-fun cards!


I was told that my "NSNC" term made a few people think I was starting up a new government organization. Too many acronyms. Anyone else have a suggestion on what I can call it? "The Nugget"?

I'll have a new one for you tomorrow. Must go rest my tired eyes now...

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