Friday, September 14, 2012

Incredibly Delicious, Super Easy Apricot Oatmeal Bars

I ran across Six Sisters' Stuff when searching Pinterest for ideas on how to organize all the craft and home-school goodies that line pretty much every area of our home. {More on that later.} The blog is six sisters who have moved away from each other, but use the blog to stay in touch. They are all very talented ladies, each with their own specialties - hair, craftiness, FOOD, etc. Great blog - Check it out.

Well, upon my searching I ran across these incredibly delicious, super easy apricot bars that looked amazing, and now, as I munch on them, I can confirm that they are indeed superb! I'd advise having a sweet little helper to make sure everything turns out perfectly...

I didn't change up their recipe too much - I don't usually do that on the first trial just to make sure it actually works as written. The only thing I did with this one is use 1/4c less all-purpose flour and added in 1/4c+ ground flax {my fav.} and I used Trader Joe's Low-Sugar Apricot Preserves. The result was a fantastically moist, perfectly textured oatmeal/apricot bar that took about 5 minutes prep {25-30 min to bake}. It's at the top of my list of go-to ideas for a quick dessert to share with others.  

Action shots:
The dough

Packed into the pan
The Final Product - Delish!
All the while, she slept... Thank you!
The sisters suggest having them for breakfast! They are a little high in sugar for my liking for a breakfast item, but they're so sweet with the apricot preserves that I bet you could omit some of the brown sugar and pair them cottage cheese, eggs, or whatever protein you prefer to balance out the meal. I'll probably add them in the lunchbox for a treat snack at school from time to time.

BTW, apparently they have a "Healthy Meals Monday" tradition so check out their blog for some more suggestions on family-fun recipes!



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