Friday, February 1, 2013

I Made Sourdough Bread!

I love baking. Love it. But like sewing zippers, I've been intimidated to make sourdough bread. I've made lots of other breads, just like I've sown lots of other products. But sourdough and zippers... Scary!

Well some sweet friends gave us some if their sourdough starter that's been alive for at least four generations, and sourdough bread became a little more doable.

While these friends were able to teach me how to care for this new child of ours, they did not have a bread recipe to walk me through {yes, I was looking for hand-holding} as they only make sourdough pancakes.

So, upon Googling {sorry Pinterest - not too many good looking recipes for this on ya} I discovered a fairly easy looking recipe.


We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out how it tastes, but it sure looks good! If it tastes just as good, I'll share the recipe. :)

What's your favorite Sourdough Bread recipe?



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