Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Angry Birds Plushies for the Birthday Boy

My precious baby turned six last month, and just like most six year olds, he wanted all things Star Wars, Legos and Angry Birds for his birthday.

We did our now-traditional Elk's Lodge birthday party for him, only this year, he insisted on picking his guests which meant omitting "all girls, except my sisters" and "little kids". Through this process, I realized that in the past, we've thrown birthday parties for us to have fun too, with our friends, regardless of the age of their children. We wanted to honor our big boy this year by honoring his guest list, even if that meant not including our friends. At what age did you do this for your kids?

My husband found a killer pinata of the Black Angry Bird:

He scored with endless Lego sets:

And lastly, the party gifts. I am not, not, NOT a fan of giving cheap, plastic stuff away at the end of a party as a means of saying "thank you" to guests for sharing their day and love with my child. In years past we've offered kids useful crafts and gardening supplies {shovel, seeds, etc.}. This year, I wanted it to be something near and dear to Calvin. So, what does any rational {ha!}, cheap, mom-of-three decide two nights before a birthday party... Make Angry Birds Plush toys for all the boys.

Thanks to Pinterest I found this tutorial that made things look so easy at first. Looking deeper, I had no idea what she was doing in the tutorial. Long story short, the first one took forever and I decided to do a little shortcut... Rather than sewing the eyes and eyebrows on, I glued them on with a hot glue gun. Doesn't sound like much, but it is.

After recruiting my mom and mother-in-law, we had a basket full of Angry Birds for the kids which they shot around right and left with much enjoyment. I hear they are played with regularly and are even sleep buddies for some boys. Much better.

I'd highly recommend the tutorial {but glue the faces on} - she has them for all the Angry Birds characters. You're bound to make someone very happy!

What have been your favorite party favors from child birthday parties?



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