Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Hoopla 2010!

It's that time of year again... You start thinking about all the people you love, and all the things you'd love to give them. Your list grows. You feel thankful for all the people in your life. You make new friends. You add them to the list. And next thing you know, it's December and you're making a mad dash to get random gifts that sort of match your friends but mostly you're in a rush and you just need to get things done.

Been there. Done that. Don't want to do it again.

And, I know you say it every year ("I'm going to start early this year") but this year should be THE year. The year when you start shopping in November for gifts. (If you're one of those people that shops throughout the year - good for you! You're weird. No, you're not. I do that. But not for everybody and I do tend to scramble right before Christmas.)

Soooo, come to Holiday Hoopla 2010 and bring your friends.

WHO: You and all the people you can rally
WHAT: Boutique of local ladies and their hard work (plus tasty apps and sparkly drinks) 
WHERE: 4590 Wavertree Street, SLO 93401
WHEN: Thursday (11/4) 6-9pm AND Friday (11/5) 9-11am
WHY: Your gift and wish lists are getting longer and longer

Christmas really is upon us, so think local and get shopping. There will be a lot of talent and some "non-handmade" companies there too:

Home decor designs by Cookie+Curly (tbd whether C+C blankets will be there)
Jewelry by Stella & Dot (Summer Kabaker) 
Skincare by Aloette (Kristen Jones)
Kitchenware by Pampered Chef
Girls Head Bands by Head Trip (Gloria Vanhorn)
Cupcakes by Art of Cupcakes (Carrie Haub & Sonya Laputz)
Darling Snack Bags by Kase Sews (Kasey Rosecrans)

Prize giveaways every half hour!

Please come. Bring friends. Bring neighbors. Bring your mom. (I am.) 

And if you can make it, comment below or send me an email. I'd love to keep an eye out for you!


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