Monday, October 25, 2010

The Newest Bird Family

Paul, Samantha, Conner and Kara

Say "Hello" to Paul (dad), Samantha (daughter), Conner (brother), and Kara (mom). Their living- and family-rooms are muted colors such as brown, muled wine, and mossy green - Rather than choosing to have these birds blend in, they are going to make a subtle statement as they adorn a corner of the room!

The fabric was chosen to match each personality:

Paul is sophisticated and active. Samantha, the younger sister, is bright, red-headed, sparky, and fun. Conner, 13 years old, is growing up to be a handsome and intelligent young man. And Mama Kara (known to some as "Aunt Beautiful") has a huge heart for her whole family and she lights up the room with her colorful and exciting personality.

Another baby is being treated to Cookie+Curly matching stroller blanket and ribbon blankie! Elegant. Bright. Rich in style. More on this tomorrow.


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