Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Reusable Bag Sizes - ON SALE NOW

Think about how much money you spend on Ziploc bags each month. Then think about all those bags sitting in a mound in a landfill for years... and years. 

On a happier note {!}, Kasey Sews is now offering a 4-pack of reusable bags including a sweet little "treats" bag measuring 3"x4.5", due to popular demand.

"Girl" 4-Pack
And to celebrate school coming back in session, the 4-packs are on sale for $20.40!

"Boy" 4-Pack
But think about it... It's not just the kids that use the plastic Ziploc bags {although these do make great bday gifts for the young ones - at least, their parents will appreciate them}. We ALL use them. So get some for yourself {and a friend} as well.

A new little detail is that each bag now includes a little tag that lets you know about it's "former life": a doll's dress, a pair of pants, drapes, skirt. Isn't re-using great?

We use ours every day... I love them!

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