Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Enhanced Rice Krispie Bars

Every year our church, Grace Church, has the privilege of hosting the Women's Overflow Shelter in the Fall. This means, we get to designate a portion of our campus to temporarily housing women who find themselves without a home. 

My friend Susan and I get to spend time with the ladies tonight before they retire to their beds - helping with their kids, lending an ear, sharing about our Provider {of comfort, rest, joy, love, peace...} should they desire to hear about Him, and just chatting.
We want to bring them some goodies they could enjoy so I've made them so scrumptious Green Pumpkinseed and Cranberry Crispy Bars that I found in Cooking Light's 2007 Annual Recipe Book. The recipe adds a list twist on the average Rice Krispie bar which is already super yummy. I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to it though after tasting these!

I *did* use EarthBalance butter spread instead of butter. I wonder if you can add ground flax to them?? Let me know if you try it.

A bonus: they don't really go bad for a while so they pack well in lunches, or they'll be great for the ladies tonight should they decide to save them for later.

Please place these particular ladies in your prayers tonight - that they may be blessed during their time at Grace Church, and that they experience His grace while they are there.


  1. oh good! i'm glad you liked them!! you must have been to the meeting on sunday. i hope it went well!