Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, I was feeling quite proud of my little backyard garden, and then I visited a community garden across from my children's school. WOW do they have some gardening talents!

It was quite inspiring to be there, actually. When we got home we appreciated the little things - a few broccoli leaves without worm holes...

Help! How do I make the worms go away?!
the first strawberry turning red...

new carrot sprouts...

the first blossom from our eggplant...

and our "pink banana" and butternut squash seeds breaking through...

and growing rapidly!

{They like it better out of the raised-bed than in. Por que?}
I'd still love to know if anyone has ideas on how to get rid of the little, green worms eating our broccoli and Brussel sprout leaves. Without crazy pesticides, of course. What do you do???

And a little bragging of my sweet little boy...

I got to take him to a local toy store, Whiz Kids, as a reward for going 10 days in a row of having a dry pull-up in the morning! He's been counting the days. Mommy and Daddy are so proud.



  1. Sluggo is a great product for leaf-eating things - and not toxic as far as I know. You can find it in Miners or Home Depot

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Brenda. I spoke with a friend who's relative has an organic farm. She's going to ask what his recommendations are as well. These darn caterpillars are greedy little guys!

  3. I asked Garett because he's the better gardener in our family. He said that he tries to pick off as many as he can and then he uses Safer brand Insect Killing Soap with seaweed extract. It's organic and also works for aphids. We got it at Farm Supply but Miners may carry it as well.

  4. Thank you for checking with the Oracle, Amy. :) I'lll look for that. The organic farmer my friend checked with recommended "BTK" also. Man is it gratifying to catch those caterpillars in the act!