Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Napkin Ring Turned Earring

So, awhile back I told you about our Gourmet Group's Greek Night my husband and I hosted. {And yes, I still owe you lots of ridiculously yummy recipes from that.}

Well, one of the decorating ideas I had for that evening was to make napkin rings of gold and blue to throw in Greek colors, and a little handmade goodness. These were a lot of fun to make.

* gold wire for wire-wrapping {Michael's}
* various turquoise stones
* napkin ring

I wrapped the gold wire around the napkin ring and then made a twist to keep the shape/size needed for the napkin to fit through. Then I knotted, added beads, and repeated over and over, wrapping at the end for closure.

Well, after the party I was stuck with 10 of these which great and all, but we already have a couple of sets of very versatile napkin rings so I thought I'd get a little crafty and turn them into earrings for each of the girls! {Of course, I haven't given them to any of the girls yet so keep it a secret!}

A simple addition of some wire and earring hooks and...

No one ever has to know they were napkin rings! Although it does make for a great story. :) P.S. They are available for $9/pair on my website. Pass it on.


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