Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauteed Avocado. Can you say, "Heaven"?!

I don't know how I got this bee in my bonnet, but I've had it stuck in my head lately to saute avocado and have it on a salad. Have you had that before?

Well, today was the lucky day. I combined grated Parmesan cheese with herbed breadcrumbs in a bowl:

Then heated olive oil in a pan over medium heat and sauteed the avocado slice for a few minutes on either side, until browned.

I served in on top cottage cheese, pinto beans {I'm working on adding variety and iron-rich foods in my diet}, Trader Joe's bruschetta, and the leftover breadcrumbs/Parmesan crumbs. {I also had a side of green peas, which the kids actually gobbled up too! Helps that I topped theirs with low-fat cheddar.}

Minimal work. Total satisfaction.

Have you had sauteed avocado any other way? I think it will be my new favorite topper for anything - burger, salad, grains... Ah, the options.

Happy eating.


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