Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Power of Wonder-Under

I've become somewhat obsessed with this fabric.

After using it to make some sweet birds {available on my website}:

I also patched up one of my daughter's hand-me-down sweatshirts with this fabric using Wonder-Under:

Holes, holes, and more holes. But super cute & fits perfectly so patches are a must.
Following the directions of Wonder-Under {THE best patching material}...

1) Cut out a general size of Wonder-Under you will need.
2) Iron it, using the recommended settings, onto your fabric.
3) Cut out your fabric in the size you want - in my case, a flower
4) Follow ironing directions again and iron onto fabric.

I like to do a zig-zag stitch {or hand-stitch for the hard-to-reach spots} around the patch too, just to secure it down.

I couldn't stop there as I just love the fabric, so I patched my "mountain jeans" too.

Big holes were too big to patch. New patches keep them from ripping more.
Now, you have no excuse to not patch that darn item you love so much but haven't worn in forever. It's simple!


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