Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Avo Makes it All Better

A few months back I discovered "Joy the Baker", and my world changed. Not only are her recipes amazing and usually quite good for you, but her blog writing is witty and entertaining, always prompting a smile on my face.

Deep into food cravings, I ran across this blog post on The Simple Lunch. She took a baguette, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, avocado, and fresh ground pepper, and turned it into what is now my favorite lunch {or snack}!

Of course, the Registered Dietitian in me kicks in and I need to balance it out a little bit, so I usually pair it with some fruit and some more protein {in addition to the ever-so-amazing-when-pregnant horseradish cheddar}. 

Today, my sweet son asked for "Mimi zucchini" {thank goodness his Mimi's - my mom's - nickname rhymes with something healthy and she cooks it so well!} so we had that on the side as well.

It went so well with today's chilly air. You gotta try it!

Happy eats.

I'm hungry.


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