Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Hills

As my belly {amongst other things} grows, I've been hitting the pool two to three times per week rather than my customary trail run. I've greatly missed the outdoors though - as has my sweet pup who continues to gain pounds with me - so we ventured out on a new trail today.

Ever been to Irish Hills in San Luis Obispo? Gor-geous.

The trail map made me super excited to get out running again {patience, patience}, but I also took so much pleasure in enjoying all the little discoveries with my kids and sister-in-law today. So neat.

Sister-in-law gazing over her new neighborhood - Welcome to SLO!
{This must have been the one and only 20-seconds the leash dropped as dogs are supposed to be on-leash.}

Lots of apparently new trails shooting off in all directions - mountain bike-friendly, lots of shade {depending on the path you choose}, and amazing views all around.

get outside. molly

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