Friday, January 7, 2011

Keeping Up with the Blogging

This blogging thing is tough to keep up! Many orders have gone out and I just haven't had the time to update the blog with all the details. Be sure to check out Cookie+Curly's Facebook page to see pictures of all the latest birds. (And remember to "Like" us!)

A fun mobile that just went on it's way to Los Angeles features three birds from Patricia Bravo's Modern Affair collection. In my haste to finish the birds and get them out to the customer the next morning, I was only able to take pictures at night though so these don't do the birds any justice. You can get the feel though. The customer said she'd forward me some pictures once it's up too so stay tuned for that.

A new 3-bird mobile up on Cookie+Curly's site is called Purple Pizzazz featuring some rich, new fabric I got at The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay. (I love that place!) I am so excited about this fabric - It translates beautifully onto birds and butterflies. (The butterflies will be posted in another day or two.)

Purple Pazzazz 3-Bird Mobile (One-of-a-Kind)
Lastly, and most importantly... Welcome, welcome, welcome to Baby Magnolia Jayne. We are sooooo glad you finally joined our world, especially after keeping us waiting 8 days after your due date. You are beautiful, and your mommy, daddy, and big bro are extremely excited to have you in the family. We are all very eager to get to know you!

Have a wonderful day.

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