Monday, December 26, 2011

And the Dust Settles...

I hope this finds you all sitting relaxed in front of the computer with big smiles on your faces as you think of all the joy and happiness you just experienced over the last weekend. What an honor that we have a Savior who came to give us everlasting life!

Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Some pics from our Christmas...

Daily Advent Tree Treats

Playing with Manger Scene Figurines
Christmas Tree Time! (The belly bump appears.)
Forever {I pray!} buddies. Love!
Our celebrations did not pass without little hiccups {I won't go into the details of how our dog managed to smear my nephews poop all over their bathroom wall, and how much my dad already hates dogs but allows our little Ellie because he knows she's a part of our family... Thank you, and sorry, Dad.}. 

Highlight: We got to spend some really great, quality time with my brother and his family who live in Canada. Cousin time!

We are so blessed! This is the day after Christmas at the warm beach.
Opening gifts.
5 weeks apart, but living MILES away.
I am extremely thankful for Jesus' birth, however I am also thankful that all the hubbub that surrounds Christmas is over. {Insert big, long, relaxing breathe.}

May peace and joy continue to follow you into 2012!


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