Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Just Get it All Out

Okay, so... in case some of you have not already guessed it by now, I shall divulge why on earth I have not been up to blogging so much. I have not had a single extra ounce of energy over the last few months because...

9 Week Ultrasound
I have a little being growing in my belly!

Yep, the fifth member of our family {third child} is on its way! We love the suspense of not knowing which gender is inside so you'll have to be patient with us and wait until mid-June to find out exactly who's going to be joining us.

In the meantime, please excuse my sporadic postings. I hope to have more energy soon as I just started week 13 and the second trimester usually brings more energy, but this one's a whole new ballgame for me {insomnia, car sickness, extreme sleepiness... none of which I had with my other kids} that who knows when things will "normalize"... if at all.

Thank you for your support recently. The Stitch Market was an amazing success and the holiday season has brought many new and repeat customers to Cookie+Curly. 

Thanks for all the love!

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