Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, What Fun it is to...

Oh, what fun it is to go to the Holiday Stitch Market!

What a fun, fun night! Sooo cool to see so many people turn out in hopes of finding the perfect something, something for their loved ones (and themselves!) and walking away with so much love in their bags! 

I look forward to seeing more friendly faces tomorrow (10a-2p - in case you missed tonight - email me if you need the address). What a fun night!

P.S. The rings are going fast! I made extra in hopes of supplies some stores carrying my rings, but it looks like there won't be many left. Sold out of all of the clips and earrings tonight, too - More to come in two weeks. Exciting problems to have! Thanks for all the love.



  1. I'm not surprised a bit that your jewelry is selling like hotcakes! I am hoping to swing by tomorrow around 1 after a meeting at Cuesta. We'll see if I get done in time.

  2. Thanks, Amy. Looking forward to seeing you!