Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birds Flock to the Jersey Shore

Some of you may have seen something on my website, blog or Facebook and wished you had something just like it, but it's sold. You think, "Darn it! They're so one-of-a-kind... I'll just have to wait for something else I like." Well, think again. 

While God keeps me on my toes and never duplicates the exact same branch, I have developed a rather keen eye (yes, especially while trail running, hiking, or walking the dog with the kids, my fellow stick hunters) and I'm able to replicate orders fairly well, as long as the branch isn't too complex. Take, for instance, this mobile:

Colleen in New Jersey saw this mobile and wanted it for herself, but it was sold. So, she ordered a custom 2-bird mobile and told me exactly what she was looking for:

Close enough? She'll be the judge. Colleen, they're on their way. Be sure to send us a picture so we can see our latest East Coast birds.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I hear the weather is a-changin'... We've got HEAT coming our way tomorrow! Gotta love our California "winters". 

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