Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tangerine & Cookie Dough Love

{Tangerine Love}

Tangerines. I love them. Those little "Cuties" are so practical and delicious. Just right for any snack and most meals. But these tangerines are different...

Check out the color of these little beads. I want to eat them up!

This is one of the new bracelets listed on my website. The chain is a light-weight, sterling silver chain with a little texture on the links. What do you think?

Many have been getting them as gifts for Mother's Day. Do you have your mom covered?

{Cookie Dough Love}

When I was 8 years old I remember sitting out on our driveway with my best friend and brother as we licked clean the bowl used to make fresh chocolate chip cookies with my mom. I think she left a little "extra" in there for us as I also remember a belly ache that followed. Since then, despite the belly ache, I've always had a thing for cookie dough.

I was assigned to bring a sweet treat to the Stitch Market last Thursday night and a savory treat Friday morning. While searching the internet for a savory bread recipe {more on that later}, I ran across these sweet things...

{Egg-less} Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles
Um... yum! I had to do it.

These gorgeously scrumptious "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles" are courtesy of Thank you, RecipeGirl.

I didn't take any pictures of my process as there are great photos on her website, but trust me - They're great! This is how I decorated mine:

{Darn - It won't upload the pic. I'll try later.}

If you need to bring a appetizer-style dessert to a function, these are your gems. A home-run with everyone who tried one. Anyone who was there care to comment?

{P.S. The dietitian in me would like you to limit your intake to one. Try, at least.}


  1. Very nice, Molly - both the bracelets and the sweet treats! I so wish I could've made it to the Stitch Market - I was planning to go with my kids, but then Mitra came down with that stomach bug that is going around:(. Hopefully I can make it next time!

  2. Molly, my kids will tell you- these truffles ROCK!! I wondered why they were so quiet and compliant that night while I shopped...I heard later that they "may" have had more than 1... I can't wait to make them! Maybe for our next Growth Group? Yum!

  3. Michelle - You guys are getting hit with every illness possible this year! Praying May will be a healthy month for you. Penny - Glad to hear the truffles helped you shop! :) Your Growth Group is going to be haaaaappy!