Friday, November 19, 2010

Bedazzled Birds Debut

So here it is... My favorite mobile yet! Bedazzled Birds at their finest:

Bedazzled Birds (One-of-a-Kind 5-Bird Mobile)
I've used this print before for another favorite mobile, but there's something about the silver painted branch that hits me in a different way and makes me smile. I had a blast making this mobile. Check out the personality of each bird and the way they seem to happily perch on their silver branch:

As expected, I was really excited to post this mobile on my website and tell you all about it yesterday. Well, I posted it on the website, but then my son initiated a run-in between an entire bottle of moisturizing cream and his room (you gotta read about this) and I didn't get to blogging about it. Between then and now, this beautiful, bedazzled mobile SOLD! 

I will make more for the Stitch Market on December 2nd, including some gold branches, and after that I hope to get more on my website. But again, if you want to get your custom order in the cue, there are custom orders you can purchase on my website, or just email me and we'll figure out your fabric and get one out to you shortly.

Am I nuts for loving this one so much? Let me know what you think!

Enjoy the rain, if you've been blessed like we have.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it - you're not crazy to love it, it's beautiful and fun and adorable and FANCY! :) Good job Mol!