Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In my last post I blogged how I had stayed up burning the midnight oil so that I could work on my birds during my time away over Thanksgiving so I wouldn't come home and have a trillion things to do in preparation for The Stitch Market. Well, so much for that effort.

The second I started stuffing my first bird I realized that I had goofed. Big time. At the last minute, while cutting out all of the birds, I changed my pattern just a bit (I seem to always be tweaking it to make the birds just right). Well, I made a mistake and didn't check one bird before cutting ALL the other birds... and sewing them together.

So, long story short, I burned the midnight oil again Sunday night, cutting and sewing. (I'm kind of happy I started over again as I found some fabrics that really zing when they're together!) Last night I stuffed all of them (while enjoying a lighthearted movie with my hubby) and today I embroider and hopefully hang a few of them. And yes, there will be bedazzled birds involved, and some special Christmas birds - both mobiles, and ornaments. 

Stay tuned for sneak peaks on what will be at The Stitch Market. And locals, come! It's this Thursday night from 6-9pm. You get a raffle ticket just for showing up (and an extra one if you bring a friend!) for the raffle held every 30 minutes. Email me if you need the address.

Great things there from The Pleated Poppy, decorative and custom cards by lollipops, Dondi Bags, blue corduroy, and many more.

See you Thursday!

P.S. Cookie+Curly will be providing a variety pack of gift cards for the raffle.

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