Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They're Going Down Under!

Two bird mobiles are making their way to Australia this week! Meet the Dolce Triplets and Cookie+Curly's Outdoor Boy mobile:

A bit of sweet for the sweetest of girls, and a touch of lively nature for an adventurous boy? Actually, I don't know where "home" is going to be for these little birds as this was an order through Cookie+Curly's website. Sarah, be sure to send us pictures once they make their way to you Down Under!

Cookie+Curly's website is looooow on mobiles as I fulfill orders and get ready for the Stitch Market on December 2nd. (I just checked out the Stitch Market's website again and there's way more than I was expecting - Check it out! Locals, are you coming?) I will get more mobiles up on the website early December. Promise. 

In the meantime, if you see something on the blog or website that you want, just email me. I can't reproduce the exact branch (funny how God makes them all so different) but I can certainly find the same look.

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