Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going "Anthro" on Ya + Hiding

{Going "Anthro" on Ya}

An order came in from a woman on the East Coast that wanted birds to match her child's room that "looks like a page out of "Anthropologie". She wanted muted greens, blues, yellows, and natural tones. Nothing too modern; something sweet; and a mobile that would be perfect for her Anthropologie little boy. The result? A new look.

I bought a Christmas tree ornament from Anthropologie a few years ago and it hangs in my son's room year-round.

Isn't it sweet? It was an inspiration for my first birds, and now is the inspiration for this new style of Cookie+Curly bird mobile.

{These mobiles are so darn hard to capture on camera. You just need to be there... or order your own.} This mobile is hand-wrapped with soft, off-white lamb's wool yarn with thin brown speckled accents.

And this little one needed wings in order to stay in flight.

I love doing custom orders {most of my business} as everyone has such wonderful ideas for their perfect mobile {colors, branches, size} and it inspires me so much!

What's your order going to look like?

I resorted to hiding. I hate to admit it as I'm not a huge fan of parents hiding foods not eagerly eaten {i.e. vegetables} in welcomed foods, but my little Princess is going through a phase of refusing almost all vegetables and it's driving me CRAZY!! Crazy. 

So, I tried it. Frozen spinach, warmed/thawed and blended into blueberry Kefir. You actually can't taste the spinach at all so, moms, go for it if you need to. My little, sweet Princess, however, knew it. She has a remarkable way of finding new textures in foods and... well... spitting them out. And in her adorable voice she exclaims, "I not like this."

Well, the concoction passed Little Dude's inspection and it went down no problem. He even asked for seconds. God bless him. Broccoli, however, wasn't quite the hit for him tonight. Although I almost held back tears when little Princess gobbled up a good amount of broccoli on her own. Tears. The simple pleasures in life.

I usually only use marinara/pasta sauce for dips for vegetables {to maximize the veggie intake} however I think my kids have gotten tired of that. At VONS today though, I was reminded why I don't buy other dips or dressings - They're all full of fillers, sugar, fat, and things I can't pronounce! The best one I could find was this "All Natural Ranch Yogurt Dressing" under VONS' private label. 

Still tastes a bit fake to me, but it helped some broccoli go down. I'm going to look into making my own dip. What do you buy/make?

P.S. Thank you for all the email responses to my Blog. Please feel free to add Comments below here though as some of you sound like you're in the same boat and would appreciate hearing what each other has to say.

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