Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorites + A la carte


It seems no little girl wants to be without this print! As my most frequent selling print, I thought I'd spread the word and make sure you all knew about this sweet fabric that turns into a wonderful "best friend" blankie, lounging bud and stroller blanket. 
Starling in Pink Blanket & Blankie Set

The pictures really don't do it justice - It's even cuter! And the quality of the cotton is incredible too so not only is the white minky on the back super cuddly, but the cotton on the front is smooth and soft... just like the little one it's made for.

{The sweet doll in the picture is from Crafty Mama Creations, a seller at the most recent Stitch Market boutique.}

{a la carte}

You probably assumed I was going to mention something about nutrition here. Well, sorry to disappoint. I just wanted to show you some pics of an order that went out to New Mexico today, as a reminder that anything you see on Cookie+Curly's website can be ordered "a la carte" or just how you like it.

A. Small placed this order as she has a large, fun bird cage, but she had yet to find the perfect focal points for the cage. Soon, these Cookie+Curly birds and butterfly in Purple Pazzazz will find a new special home there. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

So, see something you like and want it just a little bit different? Just let me know and I'll set up a custom order for you.

And, so you're not feeling like I'm neglecting my foodie side, I'll get some posts up this weekend answering some of your questions. In the cue: cleanses, helping kids make better food choices, spinach and chocolate (a different approach), and {What's for Dinner, Kid's Style}. 

Keep emailing me questions - I so enjoy hearing what's on your mind!

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