Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bold & The Beauties + Jamba What?

{More Flying the Coop}

Two more mobiles are on their way to decorate the room of a special wonder soon to enter the world, and a "big girl" beauty turning three. The first is a custom order similar to some you may have already seen on my blog before.

So many people enjoy the bold colors and patterns of these fabrics. Perfect eye-catchers for precious, creative developing minds.

Another one going out is for a little Georgian {as in Atlanta} dear who loves pink, green, and polka dots. The big girl is turning three and Grandma wanted to dress up her room with something sweet to match her granddaughter. Thus...

{I wish pictures could really capture how playful and fun these mobiles are.} Each bird has its own personality, but each carries the theme of pink, green, and polka dots, just for little Julia.

{Jamba What?!}

The kids and I had a blast enjoying the sunshine today. It's amazing what a mood booster the sun is. Despite having to go to a doctor's appointment for Little Dude, running to the post office, and stopping in a few stores in a hunt to find little dude undies {really, no one carries them in SLO?!}, we had a great day and thank God for all of the beauty He gives us.

In need of some fuel, we stopped in at Jamba Juice. I'm usually not a huge fan of "Jamba" as their drinks tend to be just calorie bombs. {Huge comment: Most of their ingredients are excellent, it's just the quantities that they come in - heavy, heavy carbs - that are too infrequently balanced out with enough protein to make it a good snack/meal.}

Our usual is their "Bright Eyed & Blueberry" as it doesn't have sherbet or juice {"extra" calories} and it's made with soy milk and non-fat yogurt giving it the most protein in any fruit drink they make {according to my research a few years ago, mind you} without adding protein "boosts" {why have powder when you can eat the real thing?}.

We ran into my friend Sharon with her sweetie-pie son Ian at Jamba and they were enjoying a new Fruit & Veggie Smoothie. Very cool to see vegetables in a smoothie - finally! It passed the Ian test so we went for it.

The kids tried the "berry upBEET" and I had "orange carrot karma" and I asked them to add non-fat yogurt to give the drinks some protein. They were really good! Calories were only 180-230 per 16 oz servings {the kids split that}. Not sure how much beet or carrot was actually in them, but the nutrition profile says they provide over 200% the RDA {for adults} for Vitamin A and over 100% for Vitamin C with very little sodium or fat and a descent amount of fiber. Ingredients look good too. A good snack/meal choice in my book, on occasion.

So, now you know my humble opinion. Enjoy the sun!

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