Sunday, April 3, 2011

{C+C Update} + {Novo @ Home}

{On the C+C Front}

Order are coming in and going out, and I'm madly making more birds and butterflies in prep for the boutique coming up this Thursday evening and Friday morning. I hope you are coming. There will be some really great offerings there, all homemade except for some great aloe-based skincare products and some really beautiful jewelry. Plus wine and apps Thursday night and goodies and coffee Friday morning. I really would love to see you there.

{Novo @ Home}

We have a restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo {SLO} called Novo. It's one of the best options for food in downtown SLO, and they have some really delicious foods on their menu. {A favorite: Chow Novo with Tofu.} On their Lunch menu they have two sandwiches that are just scrumptious: a Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich and a Sirloin on Ciabatta. Well, today my sweet husband treated us to "homemade Novo".

He barbeque'd the butterflied chicken breasts {seasoned with roasted red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper} and toasted the ciabatta rolls, then served the sandwich lightly decorated with pesto and lite mayo, and topped the chicken breasts with arugula and fresh tomatoes. He served them with cherry tomatoes and pears, and we enjoyed them at our picnic table with the kids. DE-licious. Thank you, Honey. It made for a very wonderful afternoon.

Where do you eat out for lunch? And, again, I love getting emailed comments, but I'd it if you also posted them here. A lot of you are like-minded and I know you'd enjoy hearing the comments each of you make.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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