Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Boutique Reminder} + {Garden Delights}

{Boutique Reminder}

A quick reminder that the fundraiser boutique raising money for 4 year-old cancer-stricken Autumn Cannon is tomorrow evening {6:30-9:30pm} and Friday morning {8:30-11:30am}.

Visit this previous blog post for more information on the event. I'm excited to hear so many of you will be coming by. The two time options make it easy for anyone to stop by. That means YOU!

{Garden Delights}

I've wanted a vegetable garden for... a decade maybe? This year I decided to put in a request for an actual raised-bed garden for Mother's Day - I think I might actually get it! Last year my sweet husband made me this tranquil fountain that gives a spa touch to our backyard.

A few months ago I was talking to my friend Hope about my strong desire to grow my own vegetables, and yet our property's poor soil quality. Aside from the obvious {a raised bed - place request... check!}, she shared her great knowledge with me on little things I could do with the kids to enjoy home-grown veggies given our restrictions. {She's the owner of the Los Osos Valley Nursery so I took notes!}

One idea was to cut out 2" strips of newspaper and make a paste with flour and water. Place a dollop of paste on the newspaper strips 2-3" apart and place a seed on the paste. Wait for it to dry, then plant and water it. {My complaint to her had been that we had tried to plant seeds before but they always washed up with watering or rain.}

The kids and I dug out about 6" of soil from our clay side yard and did as Hope suggested with the seeds. {Granted, ideally we'd dig 1-2' down instead.} The kale is just starting to show its head!

Now we'll have our own garden to feed our kale addition. And, as a few of you pointed out, I'm not the only one that loves Kale Chips though. Since my blog post on the matter, Salon posted an article on them, epicurious tweeted about it, news sites wrote articles on kale chips, and blogs praised their goodness {I just found this cool one called Momtastic}. Thanks for pointing these out to me, friends. I knew I wasn't alone. :)

We also planted carrot seeds and guess what?! We actually grew carrots!!

It's such a fun thing to do, and a real eye-opener for the kids to see where their food actually comes from. Get planting, get dirty, and eat up!

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