Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Good Day}

Not every day is full of sunshine... But today it was.

I got to share a bed with my baby girl last night - A "treat" we both get when we are at my parent's house without my husband who has to work. (I have to snuggle with someone.)

The kids had pre-Easter egg hunts - The look on their faces is a reminder to me that God is a good God, loving and joyful in His ways.

The rose garden at my parent's house is gorgeous.

Both kids napped without effort.

My little boy, always sketchy of submerging his head under water, happily dunked numerous times.

The kids fought over who could have the tomatoes at snack time.

We went on a long walk/run in the sunshine.

Giggles and cheer filled the house today. Minus my poor husband who is sick and working long hours. {Prayers for healing, please.}

Thank you, God, for your loving attention and giving ways. I feel blessed. If you don't know this feeling, ask me.

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