Monday, April 11, 2011

{Top Secret} + {SLO 360}

{Top Secret}

I've gotten enough requests now for a certain product so now it's in the works. You'll have to stay tuned though. A little hint: It involves branches (oooh!) and birds (aaaah!) and maybe even a few other animals... 

 {SLO 360}

It's official. Disneyland is no longer "the happiest place on earth"... It's San Luis Obispo! Well, okay, the truth? It's "The Happiest Town in the USA", at least according to Dan Buettner, author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way", Oprah, and USA Today. And I have to agree with them. There is no place I would rather live.

Monday morning my favorite 2 year-old hiking bud, our loyal explorer dog and I took on yet another beautiful hike in San Luis Obispo: South Hills Open Space. We had never hiked this trail before, but I'm glad we did. It wasn't exactly an exhausting hike but the 360-degree views were breath-taking...
The Airport
Tank Farm/S.Higuera

Laguna Lake Area
Madonna Mtn

Downtown SLO

Johnson/Broad/Train Tracks Area

Edna Valley

Full-Circle. The Airport
Hiking Pal - Yep, Still with the Snack Trap
Definitely worth doing again. And definitely one anyone 3 years or older could do on his/her own in decent time.

Where's your favorite place to hike in SLO?

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