Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Amy, one of the sweetest, selfless, and most enjoyable friends I have, has a son, Wyatt, who just celebrated his third birthday this past weekend. To help celebrate, I made him a cape. {Every three year old boy needs a cape. Every three year old girl needs pom-poms &/or a boa.}

The basic design came from this blog, but I made some adjustments I thought ended up being good moves for the end product.

1. Find an image you like or free-hand your design of choice.

2. Trace the image onto fusible webbing {I used Wonder Under} - One for each color. Because the black of the cape was going to show through the {cheap} yellow felt which would be the background of the "Super W", I made an extra triangle of Wonder Under for some white fabric to be the base layer under the yellow felt.
3. Cut out the Wonder Under, not being exact at all, and follow the directions to iron it onto the fabric of choice.

4. Use an exacto knife and cut out the different piece of the applique. {white triangle, yellow triangle, red "Super W"}. Note: Initially I was going to do an orange background and this fun polka dot fabric for the "W". It didn't look right.

5. You'll need 2 yards of fabric for the cape. I chose black on one side {for the drama in every three year old} and a fun Superman print for the other. Fold the fabric in half, measure 6 inches down, mark that spot, and then measure at least 20 inches {I did 22 inches} down the seam. Mark that spot. Then draw your cape - I used my kid's chalk - and cut it out.

This is where I used the guidance of the Puking Pastilles blog but I made mine wider and longer.

6. Fold the second fabric choice in half and place the first fabric on top of it. Cut out another cape.

7. Choose which side will have the applique {you can do both sides but an applique would get lost in the print I chose for the second side} and place the first layer of the applique {here, the white one} where you want it to be on the cape - I centered it and measured about 4.5 inches down from the neckline.

8. Follow the directions and iron the first layer {white} onto the cape. Continue to layer, adding the second layer {yellow} and then the third {red}. Note: Cut the bottom layers a tad bit smaller than the top layer so they can't be seen on the sides of the top layer.

9. Sew the edges of the applique fabric down using a zigzag stitch and matching thread.
Bad lighting. Sorry.
Bada-bing, bada-bang:

10. Knowing how my son treats capes, I wanted to make sure the neckline and straps were durable so I ironed on a mid-weight fusible webbing onto the "arms" of the cape.

11. Pin the right sides of the capes together and make a 1/4-1/2" seam around the cape. Be sure to leave a gap for turning the cape inside out - I forgot!

12. Be sure to clip all curves in the fabric to ensure that the fabric lays flat once turned inside out.

13. {Optional: Iron the fabric flat.} Again, sew around the cape to finish off the edges. I used red thread for both sides - Make sure you coordinate thread for both fabrics.

14. Velcro always itches and irritates my kids so instead of using velcro for the closure I hand-sewed on two black snaps. An initial challenge for a three year old to learn, but age-appropriate and totally doable. Adjustable too.

15. Final product...
The wind makes the black fabric look weird here
and with the extra fabric I made a reusable gift bag for the cape.

While I wasn't able to go to the party as my little dude and I are STILL sick {come on!!}, my husband took some precious pictures of Wyatt in his cape. I think he liked it!

This project did take more time than I expected, but it was well worth it and the second one will take a lot less time. Let me know if you try it out!


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