Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With This Ring... + Local Vino Rojo

{With This Ring...}
Recently I blogged about an idea I had for a girl friend's baby shower. One of you thought your girl friend would enjoy similar treatment and ordered a batch for a shower this week - I'm so glad! 

Recap: Each girl attending the shower has the opportunity to have a ring in a little, reusable handmade sachet. But the ring comes with a "price".

Every ring comes with a card with a design on its front. Under the design is an attribute of the baby-to-be. Every time you wear the ring, you are committed to praying for a certain quality of the child: strength, courage, self-confidence, faith, inner peace, sense of humor, gentleness, patience, joy...

It's special at the shower, when everyone is focused on the baby and mom, but once the shower is over, life sometimes moves on. When friends have a ring from your shower, they think of the mom/baby often and thus can pray for them often. I just love the idea.

If you find yourself in charge of party favors for a shower, consider this idea. Just let me know:
- How many rings/cards
- Design on the front (or boy/girl)
- Preferences, if any, of attributes
Bulk prices are discounted!
{Local Wine}

Any of you in love with reds? Red wine, that is. Peloton Cellars is a local winery run by cyclists, triathletes, and parents who find time in their busy days to create incredible wines. 
Their whites are good but I'm partial to reds. And, they were just awarded a gold ('07 Zin), two silvers ('06 Cab Sav; Criterium), and a bronze ('07 Syrah/Shiraz) at the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle's Wine Competition. My personal favorites are the Zin and the Syrah. Yum!
They don't have a tasting room so you have to order online. They also taste at boutiques and other events so just check in with their website or email them to see what's coming up next. Totally worth making the effort.

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